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Our music is something sensuous, something meaningful, something powerful. And we won't stop reaching for your heart. Don't forget to feel everything we do.

About 800

It is really hard to make something new, something that nobody did before. But even though “800 Years Of Coma" was made to do so. We are trying to make you listen until the end breathless. Music for us is like a movie. It has the characters, the setting, the plot, the conflict and of course the resolution. And the song may have those too. Again, don't forget to listen, don't forget to feel.

As for ourselves, we are from a small country called Latvia. The main lineup changed a lot, except for the founder, songwriter and vocalist Steven Cole. But finally Martin Taranda and Max Greenberg found their way to us. The band was formed in an attempt to survive and leave at least something behind.

800 Years Of Coma



Christmas Idiot

This is a Christmas special edition of our song "Idiot". That song is about people who pretend to have mental illnesses, but this version is a little lighter version of the same topic.


Idiot is a song about mental health but more specifically about people who pretend to have mental problems to get attention.


Initially when we wrote this song it was the conclusion of Placebo album's idea. But now it's just a song about toxic and harmful relationships.
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